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Doctor and Patient

Health screening 

At InVitro Vista, we support healthcare providers in providing health screening services to their customers and patients. InVitro Vista labs are equipped to screen for a broad range of clinical markers and can give quick and reliable results at labs across Scandinavia. Our team of experts use state of the art technology to provide you with the insights needed to improve and maintain good health, even in old age. 


Infectious disease screening 

InVitro Vista labs are designed to provide screening for infectious diseases in both a large and small scale. During the Covid 19 pandemic our labs were central in providing disease screening for the general population as well as to sports teams, companies, at events and in public spaces. Our scalable solutions can provide screening for a number of conditions, and provide solutions for spaces that are particularly at risk such as sensitive manufacturing, schools, agricultural spaces and public transportation. 


Clinical care 

All diagnostics begin with laboratory testing.

At InVitro Vista laboratories, we provide state of the art laboratory analysis close to you eliminating the need for specialized transportation solutions and enabling quicker results. Whether you are a small clinic or large healthcare facility, we can provide support in your diagnostic process. 



InVitro Vista provides everything you need to offer quick, reliable testing and diagnostics in a veterinary setting. Our team helps you gain the insights you need to build a long-lasting relationship with your clients and provide both preventative care and manage the life-long health of your patients. Besides offering a comprehensive range of tests and tools, we can provide specific solutions for livestock, small animal, and equine health.   

food samples

Food Safety 

At InVitro Vista Laboratories, our teams are always available to provide expert analyses, testing, and studies. We have everything necessary for comprehensive microbiological projects, pathogen testing and shelf-life testing, with laboratories all over Scandinavia. Our solutions also include testing of livestock and dairy. 


Customised testing solutions

Get in touch for a comprehensive list of laboratory testing and analysis solutions

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