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Free screening for Influenza A, Influenza B and Covid-19

Are you concerned about your flu symptoms?
Get a free PCR test to find out if you have Influenza A, Influenza B or Covid-19

At IVV Labs, we offer free Covid-19 testing for symptomatic individuals. Results are delivered within 24 hours at no cost to you.

Although the Covid-19 situation in Sweden has improved, exposure to the virus can still have severe consequences for vulnerable individuals. Even those who have received the vaccine or have been previously infected are not entirely immune and can still contract infections.

Our goal in providing free screening for symptomatic individuals is to collect samples for our Biobank, which will be used for vital research.

You take the test and receive the results at no cost to you - all we ask is that we can keep your sample for future studies. 

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Information for Contributors

What is a Biobank?

A biobank is an organized collection of samples taken from humans and stored for longer than two months in a designated location under strict temperature and security conditions. IVV Labs continuously collects samples within the framework of our laboratory operations and organizes them in a biobank for which we are responsible.


The Swedish Healthcare Inspectorate (IVO) is the responsible supervisory authority for biobanks in Sweden and all biobanks must comply with the Swedish Biobank Act.

What is the purpose of retaining your samples and why am I being asked to participate?

You are being asked to participate because you are showing symptoms relevant to specific scientific studies. By contributing your sample to a biobank used, you are helping advance science and medicine, while also potentially benefiting your own health and future generations. Your sample will help researchers develop new treatments and diagnostic tools for diseases, and may provide valuable information about your own health risks.

What happens to my samples?

Your samples will be stored in a controlled climate and secured space until it is time to use them. No one has access to the samples during storage. Quality checks are carried out regularly during the storage period. If the biobank is closed, your samples will be destroyed. You will be informed of any other changes.

What happens to my data?

Your data is stored encrypted at the biobank and no one except those who handle the samples at the biobank could connect your data with the sample. Your data will never be disclosed or published. The data used for statistics during the research is only linked to general demographic information (such as age and gender) and cannot be linked back to you even during the ongoing study.

What happens if someone wants to use my sample in research?

When a manufacturer of a medical product wants to use samples from the biobank to ensure whether their product maintains a high enough performance to be sold in Europe, they apply to the biobank. If we have samples that match their requirements, we write an agreement with them that ensures we follow rules to protect your privacy and to ensure we work according to a quality-assured process.

If we go ahead with the study, this is reported to the Swedish Medical Products Agency (Läkemedelsverket) and an ethical review is carried out. In connection with that, this consent is reviewed and you are contacted again so that we can tell you about the study and check whether or not we can use your sample.


You are always free to say no when we contact you or at any time during the process.

My rights

Submitting your samples to the biobank is voluntary. You always have the right to withdraw your consent and ask IVV Labs to destroy your samples. In that case, contact us using the contact details below. IVV Labs AB has an obligation to preserve your interests and protect your integrity.

Are there any possible consequences and risks?

There are no direct medical risks in storing your samples in a biobank.
However, your data and biological samples are preserved and can be linked to you via the keys we have access to.

A biobank has an obligation to ensure that the samples are handled in a way that protects the integrity of the sample person. We protect both the physical sample and your data separately from each other so that only those who work at the biobank can access them. We never share your data with unauthorized parties.

Does this test come with a Travel Certificate?

This screening is meant for symptomatic individuals who would like to contribute to our Biobank, and does not come with a travel certificate. Should you require one, kindly make arrangements with your local healthcare provider.

For questions about your samples or the Biobank

Responsible for Biobank: Ingela Mauritzon


Tel: +46 (0)76 074 09 80

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